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Microbe Tea Optimizer

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An aerated microbe “tea” is one of our best tools for quickly building soil biology.

Nothing gets beneficial microbes reproducing at a higher rate. That's why teas are indispensable to most biological conversion projects.

But not all teas are the same.
Time and again, we’ve seen producers preparing teas that lack the diverse microbial life it takes to maximize plant health and pathogen resistance.

Quality can only be assessed by tracking biology throughout brewing.

But things can get complicated fast. Packaging and shipping several samples and interpreting multiple tests adds a whole new challenge to the work of managing a production system.

We have a solution: the Microbe Tea Optimizer consultation and testing package.

Our kit makes sampling and shipping easy. We'll dial-in your recipe, analyze your samples, and assemble microbial population data in a comprehensive, easy-to-read report.

Your report will reveal:

  1. Which of the major microoganism groups have grown in your tea;

  2. how populations change through the brewing process;

  3. when your tea reaches peak quality;

  4. recommendations for further tweaks to your recipe and brewing technique;

  5. recommendations for applying your tea to achieve the best field results.


With your new dataset, you’ll have a recipe that can be replicated.

Take the guesswork out of brewing future teas. If you keep the variables constant, you'll maximize returns on your tea-brewing investment.

You’ll now have a potent tool for quickly developing soil biology.

With a quality microbial amendment, you'll be on your way toward rapid biological development -- and all the advantages in plant health, productivity and pathogen resistance that follow.

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 Get started today! 

Your sampling kit will include: 

  • Four (4) tea sample bottles

  • Four (4) envelopes with pre-paid postage 

  • Instructions

  • tea-brewing guidelines for getting started

  • compost/inoculum selection primer 

Following your purchase, we’ll contact you.

We will examine your process, discuss compost/inoculum sources, and lay out your brewing and sampling schedule.

Your sampling kit makes the whole process easy.

Shipping is pre-arranged, with convenience in mind, to ensure each sample reaches the lab as fast as possible. This is imperative to minimize degradation of sample quality.

Optimizer Order Fom
Order Form - Microbe Tea Optimizer
You are purchasing Foothill Bio Microbe Tea Optimizer at the regular price of $519.00.
Please contact us with any questions.

How it works:

  1. Client submits form (above) and purchases the Microbe Tea Optimizer. The Optimizer is only available within the continental United States.

  2. Foothill Bio sends Client the MT Optimizer sampling kit.

  3. Foothill Bio contacts Client to start planning tea preparation.

  4. Client begins the tea-brewing process, sending samples back to Foothill Bio using shipping materials and labels included in the MT Optimizer kit. Foothill Bio and Client will agree on a schedule for sampling before brewing begins. Foothill Bio will direct Client to the nearest UPS package-drop location; Client must be prepared to promptly deliver each sample to that location, or arrange for pickup of each sample by UPS.

  5. Foothill Bio assesses samples and delivers to Client a report detailing population trends of the major microbial trophic categories comprising the Soil Food Web.

  6. Foothill Bio contacts Client once again to answer any remaining questions.

  7. If Client wishes to generate continued data from further adjustments to the brewing process, The MT Optimizer can be repeated. Foothill Bio will repeat the MT Optimizer at a rate of $299.00 (42% off reg. price).

   For any questions, please contact us.

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