About Us

Foothill Biological helps farmers, ranchers, gardeners and landscapers achieve unparalleled production through the power of the soil food web. By cultivating plants as nature intended, we can efficiently achieve the healthiest growth imaginable, free of pests and pathogens, while reducing water usage and reversing environmental impacts.
What we do

For us, the way forward requires revisiting the past. Our techniques revolve around compost, that most traditional of farm technologies -- now, its value maximized because science has gotten involved. Our composting techniques cultivate organism communities diverse enough to support the dense nutrient cycling that healthy plants require.

The power we harness

We are only beginning to grasp the intricacies of the microbiome. But in soil, the bigger picture is clear: biological profiles exist on a spectrum, with every plant at home somewhere in that array. By developing our microbial communities to favor one stage of natural succession over another, we can best support the plant types under cultivation.

Efficient, verifiable progress
Our services

Our most important tool: the shadowing light microscope. Microscopy allows us to track progress and make adjustments, thereby boosting efficiency. Operations of all sizes can bring these techniques in-house with a little coaching and practice.

Start with a soil assessment, or consider a larger set of recommendations aimed at fine-tuning your approach. 

Contact us, and together we’ll create a strategy that works best for your operation.

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