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About Us

Foothill Biological helps farmers, ranchers, gardeners and landscapers adopt a soil ecology-based approach to plant production. By focusing foremost on microbiological development, producers can quickly and reliably eliminate commercial inputs and reduce water usage, all while achieving the healthiest production possible, free of pests and pathogens.

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We are only beginning to grasp the intricacies of Earth's microbiome. But in soil, the bigger picture is clear: biological profiles exist on a spectrum, with every plant at home somewhere in that array. By developing our microbial communities to favor one stage of natural succession over another, we can best support the plant types under cultivation.
Our soil assessments help build an understanding of the ecological dynamics happening in your soil, and whether they benefit the plants in production. Our laboratory coaching services help generate the skills needed to operate a microscope, identify organisms and interpret what you find.
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Wesley Sander is owner/operator of Foothill Biological Soil Health Services, and a student mentor at the Soil Food Web School. He has spent about two decades involved with agriculture – in commercial production, farm-focused journalism, and promotion of a soil ecology-based approach to plant production.
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