The Goal

For any project, our end goal is a consistently perfect crop. That means:

  • Reliable health and vigor.

  • No outbreak or infestation of any pathogen or pest.

  • All inputs reduced; irrigation cut by half; pesticides eliminated.

Every system needs its own unique plan. But the principals are always the same:

  • Reintroduce abundant, diverse soil microbes.

  • Shape field practices and conditions to ensure those microbes thrive.

  • Recreate in soils the successional stage appropriate to the plants in production.

How We Can Help

Site Assessment
It can be tough to know where to get started. A quick look around can tell us a lot.

Lab Work

Confirm your soil's current health. Assess possible routes for improvement.

Microbial Solutions
Our custom-made amendments deliver dense, diverse microbe populations.


Develop your own microbes stocks. Learn the necessary lab skills. We can help.

The route to biological health is unique for every project. But the principals are always the same. We help clients orient their perspective toward managing soil biology.

We assemble service and custom-product packages to best fit your needs. Biological management can increase production while reducing costs in any system.

To maximize plant health, production and pest resistance this year, just contact us here, or call us at (530) 648-0694. We’ll formulate the right plan for you.

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