Teas & Extracts

The best means of re-introducing soil and foliar microbes is often through liquid solution. We custom-brew two types of liquid amendment:

  • microbial “teas,” designed for foliar application

  • microbial water extracts, designed for soil drenching

Microbial Extracts

An extract is just what it sounds like: soil microbes extracted into a water solution. This type of amendment can efficiently introduce microbes to a soil without disturbing it. With added microbe nutrients, an extract is our best means of getting microbes to infiltrate a soil's existing structure.

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Microbial Teas

Our best means of covering plant surfaces with beneficial microbes is by brewing an aerated microbial "tea."

The Purpose of a tea is to reproduce microbes at a high rate. The result is a dense assortment of beneficial microbes, like the variety of protozoa visible in the video at left.

With this dense presence of predator/grazer microbes comes nutrient cycling -- one microbe consumes another, then secretes wastes containing the nutrients required by plants. This means you have a functioning soil foodweb, with all the benefits of plant health and pest resistance that follow.

Phone and String Trick

Microbial solutions are key to quickly building a functioning soil foodweb, thereby allowing plants to achieve peak health and pest resistance.

Every production system is unique. We assemble service and custom-product packages to best fit your needs.


To maximize plant health, production and pest resistance this year, just contact us here, or call us at

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