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This great deal from the Soil Food Web School is about to expire. Don’t miss out.

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

In the world of soil management, there is no one like Dr. Elaine Ingham. She is the undisputed guiding light for a fast-growing group of intrepid folks out there: farmers, gardeners and landscapers (among others) who take seriously humanity’s urgent need to understand soil ecology.

Dr. Ingham was among a small group of researchers who developed our current understanding of soil ecology back in the 1980s. Ingham and her colleagues showed how soil microorganisms interact with plants and with other microbes -- all of it working together in what we call the Soil Food Web -- and how a changing microbial community will come to favor different types of plants.

Ingham has spent the years since then developing techniques for maximizing plant health in any production system, in any location, quickly and efficiently. She has made it feasible for any farmer, at any scale, to ditch pesticides, drastically reduce water and fertilizer needs, and grow vigorous plants with high productivity and quality – and achieve most of this within a single growing season. Meanwhile Ingham and her students keep collecting data, and the knowledge keeps growing.

Anyone can learn Dr. Ingham’s techniques and the science behind them. There are various ways of going about it (that’s something we help with) but the most direct way is, of course, to go to the source.

And this is a great time to do that. The Soil Food Web School is discounting tuition 32%, which amounts to $1,600 off the price of SFW’s Foundation Courses. Anyone who clicks on this image:

… can get this discount. Don’t wait too long however – the offer expires at midnight Jan. 31, and there are only 150 slots available. For its help as an affiliate marketer, Foothill Biological receives a small cut of any purchase made through this link.

The Foundation Courses comprise a serious of online video lectures that take students through the history of soil management, the chemical and biological science behind Dr. Ingham’s techniques, and the laboratory and field skills necessary to make biological conversions happen quickly and efficiently.

We could go on and on about Dr. Ingham: her remarkable body of work; her secure place in history; her assertive style as an educator alongside an approachable, easy-going demeanor. It’s totally fair to say that Dr. Ingham is the biggest reason Foothill Biological exists.

Simply put: the more the world learns of Dr. Ingham’s work, the quicker we’ll begin solving so many problems – the decline of small farms, the loss of our topsoils, climate change.

The time is now. Click the link. Start the journey.

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