Microbial Amendment

and Inoculum
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Think of our soil as a medium for holding microbes. A comfortable place, where vast organism communities lead healthy, active lives.


FoothillBio Soil will increase diversity and biomass of microbial life (including bacteria, fungi and the host of larger life forms that feed on them) in your growing system. If provided what they need, these microbes will further develop into a complex soil food web.

On a small scale, our soil makes a great planting medium in containers or beds. On a larger scale, it can be spread in a thin layer (down to ~ ½ in.) as an amendment to existing systems. The microbe biomass in our soil can be used as inoculant for aerated teas. Following application, we suggest assessing the soil every two weeks to monitor microbial health (we can help with that!).


The Key to Best Results: provide the food and shelter your microbes need to thrive.


Steps for Healthy Soil:

  • Protect the surface: If no living plant material covers the surface, an organic mulch should be applied. Carbon-rich materials, like wood chips, are best. Bare soil is prone to drying and compacting, and will not support your new microbes.

  • Avoid compaction: Don’t stand or walk on your soil – and again, don’t leave it bare. Water falling on bare soil is nature’s greatest soil-compacting mechanism.

  • Leave it alone: Living soil must remain undisturbed. It should never be plowed, and should be handled as little as possible. Your microbe communities have a promising future – don’t mess things up!


How we make FoothillBio Soil:

We start with aged horse bedding (wood flakes, horse manure), blended with a bulk soil – both materials are mostly carbon-rich organic matter.This blend is kept at 40-45% moisture, and fed a brew of microbes grown in our small-batch composting operation.These microbes are extracted into a water solution and either applied directly, or are first placed into an aerated “tea” for further propagation.

In a healthy production system, microbes and plants feed one another; in our bulk soil, added food materials keep microbes healthy until plants’ roots show up. The foods we apply include soluble kelp and fish hydrolysate.



Maintaining Quality Soil:

Not every batch is exactly the same at all times. We monitor what we have through direct observation, using a microscope. We generate regular population statistics, so you always know what you’re getting.


Most recent data is included with every purchase.

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